Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vision Anew: The Lens and Screen Arts (update)

As we approach our publication date of late-April/early-May, I wanted to share some advanced praise the book has received from some incredible people. We'll be having some NYC based events and signings coming up, so stay tuned.

If you want to pre-order the book from UC Press, be sure to use the code below so you can get 30% off.

“A valuable, timely, and stimulating collection” 
- Geoff Dyer, author of The Ongoing Moment

“A remarkable compendium of important artists, practitioners, theorists, and essayists, who muse on what constitutes creativity in the lens and screen arts today. I think this book is destined to be essential reading for all those thinking about the future of our visual culture.” 
- Mark Lubell, Executive Director, International Center of Photography

“Brings together prophetic historic texts with the best of recent thinking to create an essential reader. This book provides a critical framework that genuinely supports a creative life in photography.”
- Charlotte Cotton, author of The Photograph as Contemporary Art

Pre-order the book here

For a 30% discount use source code: 14M6812